In January 2021, Paul Baan hopes to celebrate his 70th birthday. He believes that this is a good time to formally distance himself from Noaber. At that point, the Noaber Foundation, founded together with his wife Mineke, will have been around for 21 years ago. The prevailing question is how this milestone can be celebrated. Would they like a celebration? And if so, how will it be celebrated? The couple’s decision is clear. "We don't celebrate, but we do commemorate. We are rethinking the "path" we have decided to take as founders, directors and employees over these last two decades. What have we experienced and what have we achieved?”

It has been decided that certain things will be documented. In three ways. Edwin Venema (a true 'copy master') has been asked to write down a few things. Armin Segger is a pianist/composer. He will express that ‘journey’ in a composition. And the challenge is presented to &Samhoud to produce a video in which those closely involved in the development of Noaber are portrayed and have their say.

This is a project with a clear and tight end date: January 26 2021!

PS: if you're interested results of this project: via this link you will find Armin's piana workl and the video!